15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (2023)

The release date for Doom Eternal is right around the corner, so while we're waiting for the middle of March to pass, there's no better time to dive back into the 2016 Doom and relive all the glorious campaign and narrative destruction that made the first-person shooter so memorable.


Since the Doom Slayer returns soon, and it's proper that we reflect on the twisted machinations of the UAC on Mars and all that happened there. With that, let's take a look at some of the best quotes from the 2016 smash-hit.

Updated August 6th, 2021 by Sam Reaves: Doom Eternal is now here and brought with it a hefty amount of story content, ripping, tearing, and a surprising amount of memorable quotes for a series with a (mostly) silent protagonist. As the base game and the two-part DLC saga, Ancient Gods, have been released, our quotes will be covering content that definitely contains spoilers. Let's dive back into the dark, epic, and surprisingly comedic world of Doom.

15 We Will Send Unto Them...Only You

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (1)

"Against all the evil that Hell can conjure, all the wickedness that mankind can produce, we will send unto them... only you. Rip and tear, until it is done." - King Novik

Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal are no strangers to creating unique openings. With the end of Doom (2016) acting as a cliffhanger, this opening quote rallies you to charge forth with a renewed purpose that might help you forget you were last on Mars and not hurtling towards Earth. Hell has descended upon Earth and you are the one man capable of stopping it. It turns out, one Doom Slayer is all you need.

14 The Slayer Has Entered The Building

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (2)

"Warning: the Slayer has entered the facility." - Phobos intercom

The Doom Slayer doesn't play very kindly with those working with Hell and the Hell Priests. If the demons of Hell fear the Doom Slayer, imagine how some random Joe would feel with him entering the facility they work in. These intercoms throughout the game bring some unique perspective and levity to a world overrun.

13 The Slayer Has Control Of The BFG

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (3)


Doom Eternal leans into the world of comedy when the Slayer acquires access to the BFG-10000. This big brother to the BFG-9000 is powerful enough to blast a hole into the surface of Mars and has the UAC staff panicking. Thankfully, the Slayer only needs it to access an ancient city on Mars and disables it shortly after he uses it.

12 The Demons...They Are Everywhere

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (4)

"... guts, huge guts! Kill them... must kill them all! Rip... And... Tear! The demons... they are everywhere. Must... kill them all!" - The Doomguy, AKA the Doom Slayer

Flashbacks into the creation of the Doom Slayer show us that the Slayer we know now is the one we've always known. The Doomguy becomes the Doom Slayer which can explain the similarities between the characters and series. This particular flashback shows him in a frenzy when he is first sent to Argent D'Nur. Presumedly, this is after years of the Slayer being stuck in Hell and fighting demons. It appears he regains some sanity when he joins the Night Sentinels.

11 No

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (5)

"Tell me... have you nothing to say to your creator... before you strike him down?"

"No". - The Doom Slayer

Doom, Doom Eternal, and the Ancient Gods DLCs have all built to this. The first and last word we would hear our Doom Slayer utter outside of brief flashbacks. How fitting that it would come when he kills his creator and uncanny lookalike. If the forces of Urdak and Hell could hear but one word, we think this would be fitting enough to have them turn from their invasions.

10 The Cost Of Progress

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (6)

"You may not agree with our research but know this: we exploited Hell and its resources because it was in mankind's best interest to do so. What you see now in this facility is the cost. Of progress." - Samuel Hayden

The head of the UAC is an intimidating man - or robot, if you fancy. And he has the arrogance to match his tall stature. Thinking that mankind has the knowledge and ability to exploit Argent energy from Hell without any consequences is foolish. But that didn't stop him. And look where it got him.

9 May You Rot In Hell

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (7)

"My immortality is assured, while you will writhe in perpetual agony at the bottom of the darkest hole in Hell. You will be forgotten. Your life, your loved ones, your achievements, and failures are nothing. A blank space on the canvas of time. Thank you for your service. May you rot in Hell." - Olivia Pierce

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This is one mean scientist. She's the mastermind behind the catastrophic breakdown at the UAC facilities, and she's determined to bring Hell to humanity with her nefarious schemes. Did we mention she doesn't think much of anyone else? Did that come across in her lectures? Because it should have. The Doom Slayer tracks Olivia's movements through the Mars facility throughout a considerable chunk of the game, and it's sweet reckoning when they finally come face to face.

8 God Rested On The Seventh Day

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (8)

"God rested on the seventh day. But imagine how much further along we would be if he hadn't? The UAC is committed to excellence, that's why we implemented the seven day work week. Now you can achieve greatness alongside your coworkers every day. Let's never stop achieving." - UAC Announcements

What a cheerful sentiment, and what a horrible work schedule - seven days a week. No wonder the corporation unlocked a portal to Hell. That's where seven days a week will lead to eventually anyway, no doubt. The only one that shouldn't rest is the Doom Slayer - he will not stop until all the minions of Hell have seen the business end of the Super Shotgun.

7 Rip And Tear

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (9)

"They are rage, brutal, without mercy. But you. You will be worse. Rip and tear, until it is done." - Game Narration


What a way to start a game, a disembodied voice declaring the Doom Slayer's purpose, and to the tune of an infamous quote from an ill-fated comic book detailing his exploits, no less. To rip and tear. And shoot and frag. And jump and run. Yes, the demons are brutal. They kill without mercy, and they are legion. But this is the Doom Slayer we're talking about.

6 Your Affinity For Guns Is Apparent

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (10)

"Your affinity for guns is apparent. I'm confident you'll find something useful there as well." - Samuel Hayden

The enigmatic leader observes the movements and progress of the Doom Slayer throughout the game. He has a penchant for stating the obvious - as he does in observing the familiarity of everyone's favorite Marine with any and all weapons, of which there are many. They're the tools of the trade and the Doom Slayer knows the trade all too well.

5 The Mark Of The Doom Slayer

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (11)

"The mark of the Doom Slayer was burned upon his crypt, a warning to all of Hell that the terror within must never be freed. There he lies still, and ever more, in silent suffering." - Slayer's Testament

In Hell, players learn more about the Doom Slayer (or the Hell Walker) and his fights with the demonic hordes. While his past victory turned back the tide of Hellspawn that threatened the world and defeated the dangerous Titan, it also resulted in his entombment. Thanks to the fumbling efforts of the UAC, though, the Doom Slayer was awakened and he seeks vengeance.

4 Don't Leave That Plasma Cutter Running

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (12)

"Should you be unable to escape from the demons, it is important that you don't leave that plasma cutter running where it could damage an important piece of machinery." - Argent Facility Codex

When you work at the UAC, you have to remember the priorities. The safety of the expendable workforce? Not one of those priorities. If the demons are about to kill you, remember not to damage the integrity of the machinery around you while you suffer what will certainly be a gruesome and wretched demise.

3 Now You Know Why We Do This

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (13)

"Fantasize about how it will feel to sense the caress of the Bukavac as it rises from the blood pools of Angrax and strangles the life out of you. Now you can return to work advocate, for now you know why we do this." - The Necropolis Codex

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Cult rituals. Hellish work-life balance. Imprisoned demons. Argent energy. If all of this wasn't enough to send employees over the edge, then here's a daydream to get through the rest of the shift.

2 Opening The Gate Is Everything

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (14)

"The enemy will come and we must be ready. While we are decoding the latest artifacts and relics, there will be no rest, no leave and no sleep. We must succeed. Our lives mean nothing. Opening the gate is everything." - Olivia Pierce

The driving force behind so much of what went wrong on Mars, Olivia Pierce cannot be accused of a lack of commitment. Her followers believed in her, and they followed her to oblivion. While it doesn't necessarily work out for her either, she has to be commended for pursuing her vision with the utmost dedication. It's just that the Doom Slayer was a little more dedicated.

1 May We Never Need You Again

15 Best Doom (2016) And Doom Eternal Quotes (15)

"So you walk eternally through the shadow realms, standing against evil where all others falter. May your thirst for retribution never quench, may the blood on your sword never dry, and may we never need you again." - Corrax

May we never need the Doom Slayer again? Well, at this point we all know that's not true. It couldn't be. Because then there would be no DOOM Eternal. And the proof will soon be upon us. So be prepared, gamers. Hell is back.


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