20 Cool Teenage Boy Bedroom Designs Your Gen Z Kid Will Love (2023)

If you're anything like the average parent, it can feel like it's hard to get things "right" with your teen. Your suggestions are too uncool, your jeans are too baggy (Tight? Who knows what's in these days...). When it comes to home design, that same push-pull relationship probably holds true. Your teenage son is at the age where they want to exercise their personal taste in their bedroom—which is great if that involves inky blue walls and lots of leather, and less great if it involves shredded band tees hanging from the ceiling. Still, there's a happy medium out there, and we're here to help you find it. With these teenage boy bedroom design ideas, you'll be able to guide your Gen Z teammate towards an age-appropriate—and appropriately stylish—room design that will keep you both happy for years to come.


Incorporate Stylish Storage

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Emily J Followill

As anyone who has ever tried to convince their son or daughter to finally clean their room knows, teenagers come with a lot of stuff. Ensure that everything has its place by incorporating stylish storage solutions into their bedroom. In this space designed by Melanie Millner, two roomy closets and a hidden loft space offer up plenty of room for hiding dirty clothes (and maybe some clean ones, too).


Paint on a Moody Hue

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Nick Glimenakis

It's no secret that teenagers can be a bit moody, right? Play into that stereotype by coating the walls of your son's bedroom in a dramatic, personality-packed shade. In this Hampton's home, designer Emma Beryl choose a rich, inky blue to bring style and sophistication to the older son's bedroom. For a similar hue, try Old Navy by Benjamin Moore.


Nod to Their Hobbies

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Douglas Friedman

Pay homage to your son's passions or interests by using their hobby as part of their decor. In this Hawaiian bedroom designed by NicoleHollis, a display of surfboards hint at the 13-year-old occupant's penchant for catching waves. If your child is more of a land dweller, you can mimic the same vibe with vintage baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, skateboards, and more.


Add Some Quirk

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Valerie Wilcox

Personality is the name of the game when it comes to ensuring a teenager's room still feels fresh and youthful. To keep things lighthearted, work in a few quirky talking points into your teenage son's bedroom, like the paper mache stag heads seen here in a ski house bedroom designed by Sarah Richardson. They add just the right cheeky touch to an otherwise grown-up combination of a CB2 bed and RH Teen nightstands.


Make the Most of Every Inch

A lot of life happens in the bedroom, especially for a teenager. No matter how big or small your home is, you'll want to make the most of the space your teen does have to themselves by relying on flexible furniture and smart layouts to put every inch to work. Case in point: This Hoboken townhouse, designed by Joan Engers, where a floating storage unit and dropdown desk maximize function.


Coat the "Fifth Wall"

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If four colorful walls are too much of a commitment for your fair-weather teen, try coating just the ceiling instead. Designer Krystal Matthews did just that in her son's bedroom, choosing a rich forest green hue (Shade-Grown by Sherwin-Williams) for the planked ceiling and accenting the color with an All Modern bed in a similar shade.


Hang an Impactful Mural

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Mali Azima

We can promise you this: No teenage boy can claim boredom in a room this cool. For an impactful (and often, inexpensive!) way to add that wow factor to your son's bedroom, look to a peel and stick mural. Designer Janie Molster inspired an adventurous spirit in this teenage boy's bedroom, thanks in large part to a Murals Your Way map mural and camp-inspired Pendleton blanket.


Leave Room for Chilling

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Michael Robinson

Whether your teenager boasts their own dedicated bedroom or shares with siblings, room to "breathe" is extra important. When laying out your son's domain, make sure there's plenty of overflow space for friends and activities, like in the roomy shared bedroom seen here by designer Andrea Goldman.


Keep Things Minimal

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Life as a teenager can be chaotic, so a bedroom that feels like a relaxing respite isn't such a bad idea. If your teenage son is always on the go, keep things minimal at home with a room decked out in a calming color scheme and just the necessities (think: a bed, nightstand, and dresser), like in this Los Angeles home designed by Cuff Studio.


Opt for Double-Duty Furniture

For a room that will carry your son from their early teenage years all the way through college, choose furniture that does double (or even triple) duty. Here, a sophisticated platform bed designed by Studio DB makes for a cool sleeping spot and a storage powerhouse, thanks to a surplus of drawers and shelves incorporated into the base.


Play With (Subtle) Pattern

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Nick Glimenakis

Wallpaper is a playful addition to any kid's bedroom, but it doesn't always age as timelessly as we may want it to. Instead of choosing an of-the-moment niche pattern they might enjoy for a year, opt for a subtle wallpaper pattern that almost fades into the background. In this boy's bedroom by Emma Beryl, a dotted green print feels just youthful enough, especially when paired with funky skateboard art.


Add Funky Lighting

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Katie Newburn

You've probably heard us say it before, but it's worth noting again: lighting is a great way to pack personality into a room. Take this space by Shavonda Gardner as an example. When designing for her teenage son, a budding artist, Gardner focused on incorporating work by Black creatives and eye-catching lighting—like a custom neon sign from Brite Lite New Neon—to bring creative energy into the zone.


Choose Casual Furniture

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Sara Ligorria-Tramp

When have you ever seen a teenage boy look comfortable perched on a roll-arm sofa or formal armchair? Probably never, right? Cater to their slouchy style of relaxation by choosing furniture with casual shapes and plush textures, like in this hangout zone designed by Emily Henderson. They're already going to lounge all weekend long—you might as well ensure they're comfortable while doing it.


Delineate Separate "Zones"

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John Gruen

Whether your teenager shares with a younger sibling or needs a dedicated homework area, setting up separate zones in their room will help them function in a more effective way in their space. Here, in this bedroom designed by Jess Cooney, a matching set of Dash & Albert rugs outline each boy's individual space for a shared room that (probably) won't cause any arguments.


Up the Cozy Factor

Just because most teenage boys aren't into cashmere throws and plush sherpa pillows doesn't mean they'll want their room to be devoid of that cozy factor. Sheer curtains—like the shibori design seen here in a room designed by Eneia White—can be a great way to add a tactile element to a teenage boy's space and make it feel just a bit more welcoming.


Lend a Rustic Edge

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Eric Piasecki

For a masculine touch—and easy visual interest—look no further than wood detailing, like in this Montana teenager's room designed by Kylee Shintaffer. Reclaimed wood planks add a particularly nice rustic edge and feel natural in the bedroom of a teenage boy who likes the great outdoors.


Commission Custom Art

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Andrew Howard

Encourage your teen to explore their interests and embrace their creative side by allowing them to choose an artist to commission for their space. In this Brooklyn bedroom, the pros behind the design firm Studio SFW worked with artist D.J. Schmidt to craft a mural that paid homage to the occupant's love of basketball—one of the balls even boasts the teen's name.


Incorporate Extra Seating

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Emily Minton Redfield

If you're the parent of a teen, you probably have a rotating cast of characters that make an appearance in your home during any given week. Ensure your son's pals always have a place to perch—without investing in pricey permanent furniture—with help from a flexible pick like beanbags. Designer Elizabeth Georgantas took the concept of occasional seating one step further in the 2020 House Beautiful Whole Home, installing durable hooks where these Lujo Living beanbags could be stashed when not in use.


Make Room for Creativity

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Whether your guy is a gamer, an artist, or just a study bug, you'll want to design a space that caters to their creativity and need for a dedicated "work" zone. Choose an expansive desk they can grow into—like the Crate and Barrel design seen here—then deck out the rest of the area with inspiring artwork and accessories that will get the creative juices flowing.


Add Personal Mementos

We promise: All sentimentality doesn't have to go out the window the second your child adds "teen" to their age denomination. Keep those sentimental items close by incorporating a grown-up storage display into your son's bedroom, like the open shelving seen in this room designed by Katie Lyndon. They probably won't care enough to fiddle with your styling too much while they're young and will appreciate the look back at their childhood as they grow into a full-fledged adult.

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