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3rd Birthday cakes have to be really special as they are probably the first cake the kid will remember. Kids usually start to form long-lasting memories around that age. So while the earlier birthday cakes were for the parents and the guests. This one will be for the kid. So you need to pick the best birthday cake design for this special day. When it comes to picking cakes for kids, there are no limits. You can find a lot of designs that will go perfectly with the cake. But if you are still undecided on which design to get. Here are 22 cake ideas that can help you pick the best cake:

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    1. Cats or Dogs Cake

    These furry friends are the most popular companions of people around the world. And kids see them in everyday life more than anything else. And a dog or cat cake design can be a really cute and creative idea for a birthday cake. You can get either animal based on the preference of the kid. And you can also experiment with the design of the cake. Many cartoons have dogs and cats. So you can pick one design from any of them.

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    2. Rainbow Cake

    Rainbow cakes are really beautiful cake designs that can be the perfect cake for a kid’s party. The rainbow cake design can be made by the frosting of the cake. Or even the inside of the cake can be turned into a rainbow. There are also a lot of cute rainbow design ideas out there. So you can easily pick one for the birthday of your 3-year-old.

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    3. Sprinkles Cake

    Another great cake idea that a 3-year-old will absolutely love is a sprinkled cake. Kids usually like colorful and sweet items. And they surely love sprinkles on their ice creams and other desserts. So a cake covered in sprinkles can be a unique idea for the birthday of a 3 years old.

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    4. Colorful Cupcakes

    Of course, the cake doesn’t have to be literal. Many people have started using cupcakes as an alternative to a birthday cake. It is a unique idea that is also very practical. Cupcakes provide you with the option of picking multiple designs and flavors. So in that way you can get everyone’s favorite flavors and designs. And colorful cupcakes can be the perfect cake idea for this special day.

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    5. Layer Cake

    If you are looking for a great cake design for a 3rd birthday cake girl, you should go with a layer cake. Layer cakes are great cake ideas as they can have multiple flavors. This makes them pleasing for many people. A cake with only one flavor might get boring. So it is better to have a cake with multiple flavors, they can also have different designs.

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    6. Rainbow Layered Cake

    If layered cakes are a unique cake idea for a 3rd birthday. You can make it much more unique and creative by making it a rainbow cake. That can be a fun way to make the cake more attractive. And kids that young like their cakes to look attractive more than anything.

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    7. Candy Cake

    Candy cake is another great idea when it comes to cakes for kids’ birthdays. Kids love candy in any form and they will surely gobble up this cake quickly. And also the cake made up of an assorted collection of candies will have an amazing look, to say the least.

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    8. Red Velvet Cake

    Of course, you cannot go wrong with the classics. If you are looking for a simple yet creative cake design for kids’ birthdays. You should go with red velvet cakes. These cakes aren’t popular for nothing. They have some of the most beautiful and intricate designs and have amazing tastes. A red velvet cake can be a great idea for this special day.

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    9. Chocolate overload Cake

    A cake list would not be complete if it did not have chocolate cake in it. And this chocolate cake is not just any chocolate cake. It is a chocolate that is also covered with chocolates. Be it kit kats or other kinds of chocolates that your kid likes. You can get this cake easily covered in different types of chocolates. It will be a really amazon cake for all the kids at the party.

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    10. Unicorn Cake

    When it comes to unique 3rd birthday cake designs, this one takes the top spot. Unicorns are fascinating creatures that are very popular in children’s cartoons and books. And a cake shaped like a unicorn or even one with a unicorn design on top will be a hit. It will be the perfect and unique cake design for the birthday party of a kid

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    11. Chocolate Sheet Cake

    Of course, if you want to go with simple cakes that are also amazing. You can go with basic sheet cakes, and what better flavor there than chocolate. This amazing cake will be the perfect cake for large parties. As you can get a good amount of cake for everyone when you buy a sheet cake. Also with all the room on the cake, you can get any design possible on it.

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    12. Superhero Cake

    Superheroes are all the trend nowadays, and whether it is a cake for a girl or a boy. You cannot go wrong with this cake. And there are a ton of superheroes to pick from. So you can choose one that your kid likes and you like as well. It will be a cute cake idea for your 3-year old’s birthday.

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    13. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

    Picking a design for the 3rd birthday cake boy can be a difficult task. As the child might not quite have an idea of what kind of design they want. So you can go with this unique cupcake design for a birthday cake. These cupcakes are shaped like ice cream cones containing different flavors. They will surely be the highlight of the day

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    14. Birthday Theme Cake

    When it comes to cake for a birthday, you can also pick the cake according to the theme. That way you don’t have to have a special cake design. If the birthday theme is some cartoon, you can simply go with a cartoon cake. This will make things easier for you and save you time. Plus it will also go along with all the decorations of the day.

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    15. Pineapple Photo Cake

    Photo cakes are always a great idea when it comes to cakes for any occasion. And it can also be a cute idea for a 3-year-old’s party. You can easily get customized photo cakes with amazing designs. Put a photo on it that your kid is familiar with. And you will have a unique cake that will be the highlight of the day.

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    16. Cookies and Ice Cream Cake

    Cookies and ice cream are two of the favorite things of kids. So why not get a cake that looks like cookies and ice creams. There are cake designs that can perfectly replicate these dessert items. And it will be a very unique cake for the day. Plus your kid will love to see three of their favorite things in a single cake

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    17. Cartoon Cake

    Cartoon cake might be the obvious choice when it comes to picking a birthday cake for a kid. And it’s the right one if you are looking for a safe option. It is very hard to go wrong with a cartoon cake. Just pick the favorite cartoon of the kid. Just make sure to get a design from a good store such as HalfCute. So you can be assured that you will get the perfect design

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    18. Flower Cake

    A 3 years baby cake design does not have to be flamboyant. It can be simple and cute as well. And cakes with floral designs on them are some of the most beautiful cake ideas that you can find. These cakes are amazing and will surely make the day much better.

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    19. Blueberry Tier Cake

    As far as 3-year-old birthday cake ideas go, blueberry cakes can be a great addition to this list. These cakes taste amazing and come in the most beautiful of designs. There are no blueberry cakes that you can find that you won’t like. So if you want a simple cake design that is beautiful and tastes awesome. This is the cake that you should go for.

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    20. Gummy Bear Cake

    Much like candy cakes, gummy bear cakes are also a great idea for kids’ birthday parties. These cakes can be made up with any traditional flavor. The only difference is that they are covered with gummy bears. And all kids love gummy bears so they will definitely love this cake design.

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    21. Lemon Blueberry Cake

    If you wanna go with a cake that not only looks good but has great taste. Then this is the cake for you. One of the most tasteful and attractive cakes that you can buy. This cake will surely make the day much more amazing. And not only the birthday kid but everyone at the party will love the cake

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    22. Photo cakes

    One of the best cake designs that you can find for any kind of occasion is a photo cake. Photo cakes online are very personal and endearing cake designs, they show that the person actually put the effort into finding the best cake. Plus having a good picture on the cake is another great thing. It will surely impress the person that you are buying the cake from. Photo cakes also come in a lot of designs and are highly customizable. That gives you the option to make changes to the cake as per your needs. Making it one of the best-personalized cake designs out there.

The above-given list of ideas for 3rd Birthday cakes online can help you buy the best cake. These cake designs can be found in most online stores. One of the best places to get these cakes is HalfCute. They have a wide collection of premium quality cakes for every occasion. They also have customizable cakes that you can add pictures to or many complete design changes. With features like same day and midnight delivery. HalfCUte is the best place to buy cakes online. Plus, they also have gifts, if you are looking to buy any.

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