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Are you looking for the perfect Christian baby boy name for your anticipated bundle of joy? If you’ve got a bun in the oven and are looking for the perfect Christian name for your baby boy, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our list of Biblical alphabetical baby boy names will give you so many options to choose from and we guarantee you’ll find one that best suits the newest member of your family.

But first, here are some tips and information on why a Biblical name is a perfect fit for your baby boy.

Why Choose a Biblical Name for Your Baby Boy?

If you’re a Christian, it’s only fitting that you would name your baby boy from characters in the Bible. There are hundreds of names to choose from, each with its very own meaning and characteristics that connect you and your family to your faith.

Biblical names for baby boys have stood the test of time, and remain high in the charts for the most popular boy names. Some of the most popular Christain names include James, Matthew, and Michael, and though these names have been used since time immemorial, they still remain modern until today.

Our list consists of every Biblical name imaginable, from the names of the Apostles to the leaders of the Old and New Testament, to Biblical heroes, and more, you can find beautiful baby names and their corresponding meanings in this list.

They never go out of style and they remain popular names for boys for centuries.

Tips to Choosing the Best Christian Name for Your Baby Boy

Here are some tips for choosing the best Christian name for your baby boy:

1. Familiarity

Familiar and popular names are easy to distinguish. If you want your baby to have a Christian name that’s common and something that won’t get a lot of confusion in terms of pronunciation, spelling, and familiarity, then choosing a popular name is key.

Some of these include Peter, John, as well as Michael, and Mathew.

2. Character

You can choose certain Biblical names according to their meaning. Most often, parents would want their baby boy to have a certain personality or character when they grow up, and by giving them a name that symbolizes a certain character, they hope their child will grow to be just like the Biblical character after whom they named their child after.

Some of these include Isaac, bringing joy and laughter, or Malcolm, who is disciplined and devoted to God, or Ralph, who is wise and intelligent. Understand the Biblical story behind the name, so you can bestow upon your baby the very character and values the name holds.

3. Write the Name Down

Make sure your baby’s name sounds good with your surname, and make sure the initial doesn’t spell out anything funny. Sometimes, parents may choose a name without thinking of this, and the resulting full name of the baby won’t sound right, or the initials spell out something you wouldn’t want your baby to have.

Are you ready to choose your son’s Christian name? Choose from our list of baby names in alphabetical order and enjoy naming your bun in the oven with these Biblical baby boy names.

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Christian Baby Boy Names with Meanings A to Z | GospelChops (2)

Biblical Baby Boy Names: From Aaron to Zechariah


Aaron(Hebrew) – Exodus. 4:14 –a teacher; lofty; mountain ofstrength.

Abel(Hebrew) – Genesis 4:2 –vanity; breath; vapor; a city; mourning.

Abiathar(Hebrew) – 1 Samuel 22:20 –excellent father; father of the remnant.

Abihu(Hebrew) – Exodus 6:22 –he is my father.

Abijah(Hebrew) – 1 Chronicles 7:8 –the Lord is my father.

Abner(Hebrew) – 1 Samuel 14:50 –father of light.

Abraham(Hebrew) – Genesis 17:5 –father of a great multitude.

Abram(Hebrew) – Genesis 11:27 –high father; exalted father.

Absolom(Hebrew) – 1 Kings 15:2 –father of peace.

Adam(Hebrew) – Genesis 3:17 –earthy; red.

Adonijah(Hebrew) – 2 Samuel 3:4 –the Lord is my master.

Alexander(Greek) – Mark 15:21 –one who assists men; defender of men.

Amariah(Hebrew) – 1 Chronicles 24:23 –the Lord says; the integrity of the Lord.

Amaziah(Hebrew) –2 Kings12:21 –thestrengthof the Lord.

Aman(Hebrew) – Esther 3:1 –mother; fear of them.

Amos(Hebrew) – Amos 1:1 –loading; weighty.

Amoz(Hebrew) – Isaiah 1:1 –strong; robust.

Ananias(Greek, from Hebrew)– Acts 5:1 –the cloud of the Lord.

Andrew(Greek) – Matthew 4:18 –a strong man.

Apollos(Greek) – Acts 18:24 –one who destroys; destroyer.

Aquila(Latin) – Acts 18:2 –an eagle.

Asa(Hebrew) – 1 Kings 15:9 –physician; cure.

Asaph(Hebrew) – 1 Chronicles 6:39 –who gathers together.

Asher(Hebrew) – Genesis 30:13 –happiness.

Azariah(Hebrew) – 1 Kings 4:2 –he that hears the Lord.


Barak(Hebrew) – Judges 4:6 –thunder, or in vain.

Barnabas(Greek, Aramaic) – Acts 4:36 –son of the prophet, or of consolation.

Bartholomew(Aramaic) – Matthew 10:3 –a son that suspends the waters.

Baruch(Hebrew) – Nehemiah. 3:20 –who is blessed.

Bashan(Hebrew) – Numbers 21:33 –in the tooth.

Benaiah(Hebrew) – 2 Samuel 8:18 –son of the Lord.

Benjamin(Hebrew) – Genesis 35:18 –son of the right hand.

Bezer(Hebrew) – Deuteronomy 4:43 –vine branches.

Bildad(Hebrew) – Job 2:11 –old friendship.

Boaz(Hebrew) – Ruth 2:1 –instrength.


Cain(Hebrew) – Genesis 4:1 –possession, or possessed.

Calah(Hebrew) – Genesis 10:11–12 –favorable; opportunity.

Caleb(Hebrew) – Numbers 13:6 –a dog; a crow; a basket.

Camon(Latin) – Judges 10:5 –his resurrection.

Christian(Greek) – Acts 11:26 –follower of Christ.

Claudius(Latin) – Acts 11:28 –lame.

Cornelius(Latin) – Acts 10:1 –of a horn.


Dan(Hebrew) – Genesis 14:14 –judgment; he that judges.

Daniel(Hebrew) – 1 Chronicles 3:1 –judgment of God; God my judge.

David(Hebrew) – 1 Samuel 16:13 –well-beloved, dear.

Demetrius(Greek) – Acts 19:24 –belonging to corn, or to Ceres.


Ebenezer(Hebrew) – 1 Samuel 4:1 –stone or rock of help.

Elah(Hebrew) – 1 Samuel 17:2 –an oak; a curse; perjury.

Eleazar(Hebrew) – Exodus 6:25 –the Lord will help; court of God.

Eli(Hebrew) – 1 Samuel 1:3 –the offering or lifting up.

Elihu(Hebrew) – 1 Samuel 1:1 –he is my God himself.

Elijah(Hebrew) – 1 Kings 17:1 –God the Lord, the strong Lord.

Eliphaz(Hebrew) – Genesis 36:4 –the endeavor of God.

Elisha(Hebrew) – 1 Kings 19:16 –salvation of God.

Elkanah(Hebrew) – Exodus 6:24 –God the zealous; the zeal of God.

Elnathan(Hebrew) – 2 Kings 24:8 –God hath given; the gift of God.

Emmanuel(Latin, Hebrew) – Isaiah 7:14 –God with us.

Enoch(Hebrew) – Genesis 4:17 –dedicated; disciplined.

Ephraim(Hebrew) – Genesis 41:52 –fruitful; increasing.

Esau(Hebrew) – Genesis 25:25 –he that acts or finishes.

Ethan(Hebrew) – 1 Kings 4:31 –strong; the gift of the island.

Ezekiel(Hebrew) – Ezekiel 1:3 –thestrengthof God.

Ezra(Hebrew) – Ezra 7:1 –help; court.


Felix(Latin) – Acts 23:24 –blessed; merry; fortunate; good; pleasant, desirable, happy.

Festus(Latin) – Acts 24:27–25:1 –festive; belonging to the feast.

Fortunatus(Latin) – 1 Corinthians 16:17 –fortunate; lucky.


Gabriel(Hebrew) – Daniel 9:21 –God is mystrength.

Gera(Hebrew) – Genesis 46:21 –pilgrimage, combat; dispute.

Gershon(Hebrew) – Genesis 46:11 –his banishment; the change of pilgrimage.

Gideon(Hebrew) – Judges 6:11 –he that bruises or breaks; a destroyer.


Habakkuk(Hebrew) – Habakuk. 1:1 –he that embraces; a wrestler.

Haggai(Hebrew) – Ezra 5:1 –feast; solemnity.

Haman(Hebrew) –Esther 10:7 –mother; fear of them; alone, solitary.

Hosea(Hebrew) – Hosea 1:1 –savior; safety.

Hur(Hebrew) – Exodus 17:10 –liberty; whiteness; hole.

Hushai(Hebrew) – 2 Samuel 15:37 –their haste; their sensuality; their silence.


Immanuel(Hebrew) – Isaiah 7:14 –God with us.

Ira(Hebrew) – 2 Samuel 20:26 –watchman; making bare; pouring out.

Isaac(Hebrew) – Genesis 17:19 –laughter.

Isaiah(Hebrew) – 2 Kings 19:2 –the salvation of the Lord.

Ishmael(Hebrew) – Genesis 16:11 –God that hears.

Issachar(Hebrew) – Genesis 30:18 –reward; recompense.

Ithamar(Hebrew) – Exodus 6:23 –island of the palm-tree.


Jabez(Hebrew) – 1 Chronicles 2:55 –sorrow; trouble.

Jacob(Hebrew) – Genesis 25:26 –cheater; that supplants, undermines; the heel.

Jair(Hebrew) – Numbers 32:41 –my light; who diffuses light.

Jairus(Hebrew) – Mark 5:22 –my light; who diffuses light.

James(Hebrew) – Matthew 4:21 –same as Jacob.

Japheth(Hebrew) – Genesis 5:32 –enlarged; fair; persuading.

Jason(Hebrew) – Acts 17:5 –he that cures.

Javan(Hebrew) – Genesis 10:2 –deceiver; one who makes sad.

Jeremiah(Hebrew) – 2 Chronicles 36:12 –exaltation of the Lord.

Jeremy(Hebrew) – 2 Chronicles 36:12 –exaltation of the Lord.

Jesse(Hebrew) – 1 Samuel 16:1 –gift; oblation; one who is.

Jethro(Hebrew) – Exodus 3:1 –his excellence; his posterity.

Joab(Hebrew) – 1 Samuel 26:6 –paternity; voluntary.

Joash(Hebrew) – Judges 6:11 –who despairs or burns.

Job(Hebrew) – Job 1:1 –he that weeps or cries.

Joel(Hebrew) – 1 Samuel 8:2 –he that wills or commands.

John(Hebrew) – Matthew 3:1 –the grace or mercy of the Lord.

Jonah(Hebrew) – Jonah 1:1 –a dove; he that oppresses; destroyer.

Jonathan(Hebrew)– Judges 18:30 –given of God.

Jordan(Hebrew) – Genesis 13:10 –the river of judgment.

Joseph(Hebrew) – Genesis 30:24 –increase; addition.

Joses(Hebrew) – Matthew 27:56 –raised; who pardons.

Joshua(Hebrew) – Exodus 17:9 –a savior; a deliverer; the Lord is Salvation.

Josiah(Hebrew) – 1 Kings 13:2 –the Lord burns; the fire of the Lord.

Josias(Hebrew) – 1 Kings 13:2 –the Lord burns; the fire of the Lord.

Jotham(Hebrew) – Judges 9:5 –the perfection of the Lord.

Judas(Latin) – Matthew 10:4 –the praise of the Lord; confession.

Jude(Latin) – Jude 1:1 –the praise of the Lord; confession.

Justus(Latin) – Acts 1:23 –just or upright.

What is the most popular Christian name for boys?

Andrew is thenameof JesusChrist’s firstdisciple. It means ‘A strong man’, and is one of the most popularChristian boy names.

What Christian baby name means 'A gift from God'?

Avisha: The name means blessing of the god.

What name means 'God is with us'?

Immanuel (Hebrew: עִמָּנוּאֵלmeaning, “Godwithus“; also romanized Emmanuel, Imanu’el; also አማኑኤል (‘Amanuel’) in Geez and Amharic) is a Hebrewnamewhich appears in the Book of Isaiah as a sign thatGodwill protect the House of David.

What was Jesus' real name?

Jesus’namein Hebrew was “Yeshua” which translates to English as Joshua.


Kamon(Latin) – Judges 10:5 –his resurrection.

Kemuel(Hebrew) – Genesis 22:21 –God hath raised up.

Kenan(Hebrew) – Genesis 5:9–14 –buyer; owner.

Kenaz(Hebrew) – Genesis 36:11 –this purchase; this lamentation.

Kerioth(Hebrew) – Jeremiah 48:24 –the cities; the callings.


Laban(Hebrew) – Genesis 24:29 –white; shining; gentle; brittle.

Lazarus(Hebrew) – Luke 16:20 –assistance of God.

Lemuel(Hebrew) – Proverbs 31:1 –God with them, or him.

Levi(Hebrew) – Genesis 29:34 –associated with him.

Lot(Hebrew) – Genesis 11:27 –wrapped up; hidden; covered;myrrh; rosin.

Lucas(Greek) – Colossians 4:14 –luminous; white.

Luke(Greek) – Colossians 4:14 –luminous; white.


Malachi(Hebrew)- Malachi 1:1 –my messenger; my angel.

Manasseh(Hebrew) – Genesis 41:51 –forgetfulness; he that is forgotten.

Marcus(Latin) – Acts 12:12 –polite; shining.

Mark(Latin) – Acts 12:12 –polite; shining.

Matthew(Hebrew) – Matthew 9:9 –given; a reward.

Matthias(Hebrew) – Acts 1:23 –the gift of the Lord.

Melchizedek(Hebrew, German) – Genesis 14:18 –king of justice; king of righteousness.

Micah(Hebrew) – Judges 17:1 –poor; humble.

Micaiah(Hebrew) – 1 Kings 22:8 –who is like to God?

Michael(Hebrew) – Numbers 13:13 –poor; humble.

Mishael(Hebrew) – Exodus 6:22 –who is asked for or lent.

Mordecai(Hebrew) – Esther 2:5 –contrition; bitter; bruising.

Moses(Hebrew) – Exodus 2:10 –taken out; drawn forth.


Nadab(Hebrew) – – Exodus 6:23 –free and voluntary gift; prince.

Nahum(Hebrew) – Nahum 1:1 –comforter; penitent.

Naphtali(Hebrew) – Genesis 30:8 –that struggles or fights.

Nathan(Hebrew) – 2 Samuel 5:14 –given; giving; rewarded.

Nathanael(Hebrew) – John 1:45 –the gift of God.

Nehemiah(Hebrew) – Nehemiah. 1:1 –consolation; repentance of the Lord.

Nekoda(Hebrew) – Ezra 2:48 –painted; inconstant.

Nicodemus(Greek) – John 3:1 –victory of the people.

Noah(Hebrew) – Genesis 5:29 –repose; consolation.


Obadiah(Hebrew) – 1 Kings 18:3 –servant of the Lord.

Obed(Hebrew)Ruth 4:17– a servant; workman.

Omar(Arabic, Hebrew) – Genesis 36:11 –he that speaks; bitter.

Onesimus(Latin) – Colossians 4:9 –profitable; useful.

Othniel(Hebrew) – Joshua 15:17 –lion of God; the hour of God.


Paul(Latin) – Acts 13:9 –small; little.

Peter(Greek) – Matthew 4:18 –a rock or stone.

Philemon(Greek) – Philippians 1:2 –loving; who kisses.

Philip(Greek) – Matthew 10:3 –warlike; a lover of horses.

Phineas(Hebrew) – Exodus 6:25 –bold aspect; face of trust or protection.

Phinehas(Hebrew) – Exodus 6:25 –bold aspect; face of trust or protection.


Quartus(Latin) – Romans 16:23 –fourth.


Reuben(Hebrew) – Genesis 29:32 –who sees the son; the vision of the son.

Raamah(Hebrew) – Genesis 10:7 –greatness; thunder; some sort of evil.

Rufus(Latin) – Mark 15:21 –red.


Samson(Hebrew) – Judges 13:24 –his sun; his service; there the second time.

Samuel(Hebrew) – 1 Samuel 1:20 –heard of God; asked of God.

Saul(Hebrew) – 1 Samuel 9:2 –demanded; lent; ditch; death.

Seth(Hebrew) – Genesis 4:25 –put; who puts; fixed.

Shadrach(Babylonian) – Daniel 1:7 –tender, nipple.

Shem(Hebrew) – Genesis 5:32 –name; renown.

Silas(Latin) – Acts 15:22 –three, or the third; woody.

Simeon(Hebrew) – Genesis 29:33 –that hears or obeys; that is heard.

Simon(Hebrew) – Matthew 4:18 –that hears; that obeys.

Solomon(Hebrew) – 2 Samuel 5:14 –peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses.

Stephen(Greek) – Acts 6:5 –crown; crowned.


Thaddaeus(Aramaic) – Matthew 10:3 –that praises or confesses.

Theophilus(Greek) – Luke 1:3 –friend of God.

Thomas(Aramaic) – Matthew 10:3 –a twin.

Timothy(Greek) – Acts 16:1 –honor of God; valued of God.

Titus(Latin) – 2 Corinthians 2:13 –pleasing.

Tobiah(Hebrew) – Ezra 2:60 –the Lord is good.

Tobias(Hebrew) – Ezra 2:60 –the Lord is good.


Uriah(Hebrew) – 2 Samuel 11:3 –the Lord is my light or fire.

Uriel(Hebrew) – 1 Chronicles 6:24 –the Lord is my light or fire.

Uzziah(Hebrew) – 2 Kings 15:13 –thestrength, or kid, of the Lord.


Victor(Latin) – 2 Timothy 2:5 –victory; victor.


Zacchaeus(Hebrew) – Luke 19:2 –pure; clean; just.

Zachariah(Hebrew) – 2 Kings 14:29 – memory of the Lord

Zebadiah(Hebrew) – 1 Chronicles 8:15 –portion of the Lord; the Lord is my portion.

Zebedee(Greek) – Matthew 4:21 –abundant; portion.

Zebulun(Hebrew) – Genesis 30:20 –dwelling; habitation.

Zechariah(Hebrew) – 2 Kings 14:29 –memory of the Lord.

Zedekiah(Hebrew) – 1 Kings 22:11 –the Lord is my justice; the justice of the Lord.

Zephaniah(Hebrew) – 2 Kings 25:18 –the Lord is my secret.

Zerubbabel(Hebrew) – 1 Chronicles. 3:19 –a stranger at Babylon; dispersion of confusion.

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