Christian Boy Names- Christian Baby Boy Names- Christian Baby Boy Names Meaning (2023)

Herein provided is a list of Christian baby boy names with their meanings. Choose a Christian baby boy name for your loved one.

Christian Baby Boy Names - This section offers a list of modern Christian baby boy names along with their meanings. Choose a unique Christian baby boy name for your newborn that will define his personality.

Christian Baby Boy Names



Aaron Enlightened Abbott Father Abel Breath Abner Father of Light Abraham Exalted Father Adam Man of Earth Addison Son of Adam Adler Eagle Adley The Just Adrian; Adrien The Dark One Aedan; Aiden Born of Fire Aiken The Oaken Alan; Allan Handsome One Alastair Defender of Men Albern Of Noble Valor Albert Noble; Bright Albion White or Fair Alden Wise Guardian Aldis From the Old House Aldrich Old Wise Leader Alexander Great Protector Alfie Form of Alfred Alfred Supernaturally Wise Algernon Bearded Alston From the Old Manor Alton From the Old Town Alvin Noble Friend Ambrose Immortal Amery Industrious Amos A Burden Andrew Manly; Valiant Angus Strong and Unique Anthony Priceless Archer Bowman Archibald Bold Prince Arlen Pledge Arnold Strong as an Eagle Arnon Rushing stream; Torrent valley; a river and wadi in western Jordan Arthur Champion; Follower of Thor Arvel Wept Over Atwater From the Waterside Atwood Forest Dweller Aubrey Ruler of the Elves Austin Helpful Avery Elfin Ruler Axel Man of Peace


Baird Bard or Minstrel Baldwin Princely Friend Barnaby Prophet Baron Nobleman Barrett Bear-Like Barry Marksman Bartholomew Warlike Basil King-like Benedict Blessed Benton Moor Dweller Bernard Stern Bear Bert Bright Bevis Bowman Blaine Lean or Thin Blair Man of Flatlands Blake Fair Complexioned Bond Farmer Boris Warrior Bowen Son of Owen Braden From the Broad Valley Bradley From the Broad Meadow Brandan; Brendan; Brendon Traveller Brent From the Steep Hill Bret; Brett Native of Brittany Brian High; Noble; Strong Brice Great Ambition Brigham Dweller by the Bridge Brock The Badger Broderick Form of Roderick Brooke A stream Bruce Brushwood Bruno Dark Complexioned Bryant Strong Buck The Deer Bud Messenger Burgess Citizen of a Town Burton Fortress Byron Bear Cadman Warrior Caldwell Near a Cold Well Caleb Faithful Calvert Shepherd Calvin Bald Carl Farmer Carlton From Carl's Farm Carney Warrior Carrick Rock Carroll Champion Carter Cart Driver Carver Wood Carver Cary Fort Casey Brave Casper Treasure Cecil Blind Cedric Chieftain Chad; Chadwick Warrior Chalmers Lord of the Household Chandler Candlemaker Channing A Canon Chapman Merchant Charles Manly Charlie Cutest boy Chatwin Warlike Friend Chester Castle Dweller Christian A Christian


Danny God of my judge David Beloved Daegel From Daegel, England Daelen A Form of Dale Dagwood Shining Forest Dalan A Form of Dale Dalbert Bright, Shining Dale Valley Dalen A Form of Dale Daley A Familiar Form of Dale Dalin A Form of Dallin Dallan A Form of Dalan, Dallin Dallen A Form of Dalan, Dallin Dallin Pride's People Dallon A Form of Dallan Dallyn Pride's People Dalon A Form of Dale Dalston Daegel's Place Dalton Town In The Valley Dalvin A Form of Delvin Dalyn A Form of Dale Dane From Denmark. Danforth A Form of Daniel Danish From Denmark Danny God of My Judge Darell A Form of Darrell Daren A Form of Darren


Earnest Ernest Easton Eastern Town Eaton Estate On The River Ebner A Form of Abner Ed A Short Form of Edgar, Edward Edbert Wealthy; Bright Eddie A Familiar Form of Edgar, Edward Eddy A Familiar Form of Edgar, Edward Edgar Wealthy Spearman. Edgard A Form of Edgar Edison Son of Edward Edmond Prosperous Protector Edmund Which Means Prosperous Protector Edric Prosperous Ruler Edsel Rich Man's House Edson A Short Form of Edison Edward Prosperous Guardian. Edwin Prosperous Friend. Egbert Bright Sword Egerton Edgar's Town Ekambaram Sky


Falito A Familiar Form of Rafael Falkner Trainer of Falcons. See Also Falco Fane Joyful, Glad Farlane Far Lane Farley Bull Meadow; Sheep Meadow. Farnell Fern-covered Hill Farnham Field of Ferns Farnley Fern Meadow Farold Mighty Traveler Faron A Form of Faren Farr Traveler Farrar Blacksmith Farrow Piglet Felton Field Town Fenton Marshland Farm. Fidel Faithful And Sincere


Galton Owner of A Rented Estate Gar A Short Form of Gareth Gardner Gardener Garen A Form of Garry Garfield Field of Spears; Battlefield. Garin A Form of Garry Garion A Form of Garry Garland Land of Spears; Battleground Garman Spearman Garnet A Form of Garnett Garnett Armed with A Spear Garrad A Form of Garrett, Gerald Garren A Form of Garry Garrick Oak Spear


Haden A Form of Hadden Hadwin Frind In A Time of War Hagley Enclosed Meadow Haiden A Form of Hayden Haig Enclosed with Hedges Haines From The Vine-covered Cottage Hal A Short Form of Harold, Halden Halbert Shining Hero Hale A Short Form of Haley Halford Valley Ford Hall Manor Hall Hallam Valley Hallan Dweller At The Hall Halliwell Holy Well Hallward Hall Guard Halstead Manor Grounds Halton Estate On The Hill Hamill Scarred Hamilton Proud Estate Hammet Village


Iden Pasture In The Wood Ila Earth, Mother, Priestess Ilayaraja Prince Ilyas Prophet Elijah Ingram Angel Inoday Sunrise Iraj Lord Hanuman Iram Bright Iravan King of Ocean Irving Sea Friend Irwin A Form of Irving Isaac He Will Laugh Isham Home of The Iron One Ives Young Archer


Jack; Jackie God is gracious; Diminutive of Jack Jacob One who supplants; Supplanter James One who supplants; Variant of Jacob Jimmy Supplanter; Variant of 'Jacob' John Gift of God Johny; Johnny Variant of 'John'


Kentrell King's Estate Kenward Brave; Royal Guardian Kerrick King's Rule Kervin A Form of Kerwin Kerwin Friend of The Marshlands Kester A Form of Christopher Kestrel Falcon Key Key; Protected Keyton A Form of Keaton Kidd Child; Young Goat Kimball Warrior Chief King Supreme Ruler Kingsley King's Meadow. Kingston King's Estate Kingswell King's Well Kipp Pointed Hill Kirby Cottage By The Water Kirk Dweller Near Church Kirkland Church Land Kirkley Church Meadow


Lane Narrow Road Langdon Long Hill Langford Long Ford Langston Long, Narrow Town Lars Crowned with Laurel , Victory Lathrop Barn, Farmstead Latimer Interpreter Lawford Ford On The Hill Lawley Low Meadow On A Hill Lawrence; Laurence Crowned with Laurel Lawry A Familiar Form of Lawrence Lawson Son of Lawrence Lawton Town On The Hill Layne A Form of Lane Layton A Form of Leighton Lee A Short Form of Farley. Leighton Meadow Farm Leland Signifies Meadow-land. Leonel Little Lion Lew A Short Form of Lewis Lewin A Form of Louis Lex A Short Form of Alexander


Maitland Meadowland Malcolm Disciple of St. Columba Malden Meeting Place In A Pasture Malin Strong, Little Warrior Manford Manford Manley Hero's Meadow Manning Son of The Hero Mansel Manse; House Occupied By A Clergyman Mansfield Field By The River; Hero's Field Manton Man's Town; Hero's Town March Dweller By A Boundary Marden Valley with A Pool Markham Homestead On The Boundary Marland Lake Land Marley Lake Meadow Marlin Deep-sea Fish Marlo A Form of Marlow Marlow Hill By The Lake Marsden Marsh Valley Marsh Swamp Land Marston Town By The Marsh


Nat A Short Form of Nathan Nayland Island Dweller Ned A Familiar Form of Edward Neil Champion Nelson Literally Son of Neil. Neor Dew Nesbit Nose-sharped Bend In A River Nevin Middle; Herb Newbold New Tree Newell New Hall Newland New Land Newman Newcomer Newton New Town Nicholes Son of Nicholas Nichols Son of Nicholas Nicholson Son of Nicholas Nick A Short Form of Dominic, Nicholas Nilax A Name of Lord Shiv Nixon Son of Nick Northcliff Nothern Cliff Northrop North Farm Norton Nothern Town Norvin Nothern Friend Norward Protector Oh The North Norwood Nothern Woods Nowles A Short Form of Knowles Nyle Island


Oakley Oak-tree Field Obed A Short Form of Obadiah Ogden Oak Valley. Olin Holly Ollie A Familiar Form of Oliver Onslow Enthusiast's Hill Ormond Bear Mountain; Spear Protector Orrick Old Oak Tree Orrin River Orton Shore Town Orval A Form of Orville Orvin Spear Friend Osbert Divine; Bright Osborn Warrior of God


Pace A Form of Pascal Pacey A Form of Pace Paden A Form of Patton Padget A Form of Page Palmer Palm-bearing Pilgrim Parish A Form of Parrish Parker Park Keeper Parkin Little Peter Parr Cattle Enclosure, Barn Parrish Church District Pascal Pass Over Pat A Short Form of Patrick Patton Warrior's Town Payden A Form of Payton Payton A Form of Patton


Quentin Green's Town Quintin Fifth Born Child


Rad Advisor Radbert Brilliant Advisor Radburn Red Brook; Brook with Reeds Radcliff Red Cliff Radford Red Ford; Ford with Reeds Radley Red Meadow; Meadow of Reeds Radnor Red Shore; Shore with Reeds Rafael God Has Healed Rafe A Form of Ralph Raine Lord or Wise Counsel. Ralph Wolf Counselor. Ralphie A Familiar Form of Ralph Ralston Ralph's Settlement Ramon Wise Protector Ramsden Valley of Rams Ramsey Ram's Island Rand Shield; Warrior Randal A Form of Randolph Randall Protected. Randell A Form of Randolph Randolph Shield Wolf Randy A Familiar Form of Rand Rankin Small Shield Ransford Raven's Ford Ransley Raven's Field Ransom Son of The Shield Rasul Angel Rathin Celestial


Safford Willow River Crossing Sage Wise Salisbury Fort At The Willow Pool Salton Manor Town; Willow Town Samuel Name of God Sanborn Sandy Brook Sander A Short Form of Alexander Sanders Son of Sander Sanford Sandy River Crossing Santon Sandy Town Savio Saint's Name Sawyer Wood Worker Sax A Short Form of Saxon Saxon Swordsman Saxton Saxon Town
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