Gel Nails 2023: Top 18 Gel Nail Designs 2023 For You To Try (2023)

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Let’s try to figure out what gel nails 2023 will be in trend in the coming year. As well as what colors and materials should be preferred.

Gel polish on nails has already firmly entered the life of a modern girl.

It is no secret that such a gel polish manicure is stronger, more convenient and more durable than usual.

Each woman wants her nails to look well-groomed, beautiful and fashionable, which is why the issue of gel nail designs 2023 is especially important.

Now nail-masters offer a huge selection of gel nail designs 2023. The number of options is amazing. And choosing the most beautiful one can be very difficult.

Today we will look at the fashion ideas and trends of gel nails 2023.


  1. Fashion Trends for Gel Nails 2023
  2. Geometric Gel Nails 2023
  3. Plaid Manicure 2023
  4. Nail Trends 2023: Cobweb
  5. Chinese Painting
  6. Solid Manicure Gel Polish
  7. Gel Nails 2023 with 3D Effect
  8. Foil Manicure
  9. French Nails 2023
  10. Half-Moon Design 2023
  11. Cat Eye Manicure
  12. Matte Gel Nails 2023
  13. Bases With Shimmer
  14. Gel Nail Designs 2023: Gold Metallic
  15. Water Manicure
  16. Short Gel Nails 2023
  17. Long Gel Nails 2023
  18. Gel Nails Summer 2023

Fashion Trends for Gel Nails 2023

This season, the trend will be a large number of different and universal nail trends 2023.

Each woman will be able to choose the most fashionable and most suitable design for herself.

You definitely shouldn’t limit yourself with the choice of color this time: give preference to your favorite shades to give your manicure a personality.

Favorite color of nail polish will cheer you up and give you self-confidence.

Gel polishes in pastel and flesh tones will emphasize your femininity. Transparent coatings will be especially in trend.

In design, they will look original and give the gel nails 2023 airiness. Of the bright colors, berry and wine shades look the most advantageous.

Geometric Gel Nails 2023

Geometric patterns on the gel nails 2023 have not gone out of fashion for a long time. A big plus of this design is the abundance of options.

The location and number of patterns can be changed constantly. And each time the manicure will look unique and stylish.

Geometric shapes in manicure are always in trend.

(Video) 50 Best French Tip Nails To Try In 2023

This nail design 2023 is especially good for lovers of experiments. Patterns in the form of vertical lines, dots and arrows will make the manicure sophisticated and stylish.

You can create a pattern using gold and silver threads or coatings – flash tattoo imitation has been at the peak of popularity for several seasons now.

Plaid Manicure 2023

Standard geometry fades into the background a bit in fashionable gel nails 2023.

A stylish plaid comes in its place, which can be made in any color scheme.

The check can cover all the nails at once. But in this case it must have large plaids. And in the other, only one nail stands out.

The plaid can be performed on different lengths of the nail, on a matte and glossy finish, as well as on French nails 2023. Instead of drawings by hand, check print stickers can be freely used here.

Nail Trends 2023: Cobweb

A very light cobweb print creates an unconventional look for a manicure that will perfectly fit into any style.

Cobwebs can entangle all nails or only part of them. The color, length, and thickness of the cobweb may vary depending on the desired result.

Chinese Painting

Chinese painting allows you to create beautiful floral patterns on your gel nails 2023.

Thanks to Chinese wisdom, very realistic flower patterns began to appear on the nails due to the special application of the pattern.

Sometimes Chinese painting is combined with stylish geometry and achromatic polish tones are used as a base.

Solid Manicure Gel Polish

This year, you don’t need to be especially sophisticated in choosing a complex pattern, because a monochromatic gel polish coating will be in fashion.

Thanks to a variety of colors, you can choose a manicure for different clothes, each time creating a unique style.

Gel Nails 2023 with 3D Effect

An optical illusion created using gel polish, top, as well as stickers, decor and an unusual print will allow you to achieve a 3D effect on your nails.

Another great way to achieve what you want is to use flower sculpting. In this case, the flowers are voluminous and textured.

Foil Manicure

Any gel polish goes well with foil.


The foil brings a special shine to the manicure itself, overflow of color, and also beautifully sets off the color of the gel polish itself.

With the help of foil, the master can lay out a variety of drawings, patterns, and also decorate the French smile zone.

French Nails 2023

French always looks modest and stylish at the same time.

But this season, the classics can and should be diluted with bright accents.

French manicure, such a familiar and beloved classic, will be at the peak of popularity. Suitable for girls who are still afraid to experiment, but want to bring something original to their nail design 2023.

The usual white edge on the nails can be replaced with a bright and colorful one: blue, green, red – whatever your heart desires.

The design of the ring finger can be diversified with a contrasting pattern, which will give the manicure a special hihhlight.

Half-Moon Design 2023

Everyone knows the moon manicure this time at the peak of popularity.

“Experimenting with the classics” is the motto of the 2023 season.

Lunar manicure, just like French, is suitable for all girls: both bold and extravagant, and modest and unprepared for experiments.

The hole at the base can be left covered with a transparent gel polish, especially trendy this season.

A contrast hole will give the manicure uniqueness and playfulness. Glitter at the base will make the gel nails 2023 evening and suitable for an important event, party or even graduation.

Nail masters advise to fill the border between the hole and the main coating with a transparent insert.

Cat Eye Manicure

The mesmerizing cat’s eye deservedly occupies a leading position in the list of fashionable gel polish manicure trends 2023.

This design will suit every girl, and always looks noble and stylish.

A new and interesting design in the nail industry is a cat’s eye, an imitation of a bewitching stone. Such a manicure will not require additions in the form of stones, sparkles, a contrasting color or highlighting a separate nail.

It always looks modest, but at the same time noble and fashionable.

For such a manicure, it is better to choose muted and dark shades, for example, wine, but a dark green color will look especially advantageous.

(Video) Elmer Tran Jean Wade - Best Nail Designs 2023: The Coolest Nail Ideas to Try

Matte Gel Nails 2023

Matte gel polish is a quick and affordable way to diversify your usual manicure. In combination with other materials, such a coating will sparkle with new colors and show its beauty to the fullest.

Matte finish does not leave the fashion trends for several seasons. This design will easily give originality to the gel nails 2023. However, covering all nails with one matte shade is not a good idea.

Such gel nails 2023 will look advantageous in combination with a glossy finish of the same shade.

The border between varnishes can be decorated with stones, a transparent insert or sparkles.

And if you still decide to cover your nails with a matte shade completely, focus on the ring finger by applying a contrasting glossy varnish or decorating the hole with a stone or a geometric pattern.

Dark shades in such a manicure will look especially noble and trendy .

In pursuit of fashion, it is important not to forget about your own preferences.

Listen to your sense of style, choose only the shades and patterns you like, and only then the manicure will be able to please you with its beauty, uniqueness and originality.

Bases With Shimmer

Nude gel nails 2023 are still relevant, but only done with bases with effects.

This is a small or large shimmer added in different shades of milky, which will definitely appeal to both masters and their clients.

Such a manicure can be done quickly without using a separate colored gel polish. It is enough to take only nude shimmery base and cover it with top.

Finally, silver and mirror coatings are out of fashion – they are being replaced by all sorts of variations of gold.

We recommend applying sparkling, reflective shades of gold and bronze to your nails, alone or in combination with various gel nail designs 2023.

For example, stamping (fast and beautiful). This manicure looks very expensive and stylish!

Water Manicure

All variations of manicure with blue color will be in trend.

For your trendy manicure, you can choose both bright and discreet shades, and combine it with a glossy or matte top.

Short Gel Nails 2023

Last year, in trendy manicures, you could see a lot of designs on long nails, but this year the trends have changed.

Short gel nails 2023 have become a trend. We can stylize such a manicure both with the help of 3D volumetric images and with a multi-layered design.

(Video) 50 Best Short Nail Designs And Ideas To Try In 2023

You can depict any print – from flowers to inscriptions, plants, and so on, how they will be located depends only on your mood.

In the decor, use gold leaf, sparkles, stickers – that is, everything that you find at hand. Such decoration can be supplemented with a monophonic coating, gradient, painting or French.

For a festive look, reflective gel polishes or shiny shades of gel polish are perfect.

Long Gel Nails 2023

Manicure on long nails was in trend in 2023, but this season it will remain relevant.

Ladies with such nails can afford any whim, from simple nude coverage to multi-layered images.

Nail art will be more frivolous, but at the same time refined. Foil, glitter, stickers, as well as various types of tops, from matte to top with effects, are suitable for decorating nails.

This year, various inscriptions are again gaining popularity.

The design with the help of various words depicted on the nails has become more original and creative.

You can decorate your nails with words using stickers, or using stamping. Definitely, such a design will be of interest not only to you, but also to others.

Gel Nails Summer 2023

According to experts from the Pantone Color Institute, muted yellow and gray are among fashionable colors for summer gel nails 2023.

However, no one canceled the bright palette either.

It can be supplemented with chaotic geometric patterns, flowers, butterflies, fruit compositions.

Fans of creative design will love shellac and decor ideas, sequins patterns.

The fashion for dried flowers is returning, French does not lose its relevance.

Color combinations in a gradient can be the most incredible and contrasting, like pink with blue, green with yellow, red with blue.

Rhinestones and sequins are still relevant. Along with them, matte manicure or some details in it are attractive.

Marble is also in fashion this summer. It is better if you perform it on a white, gray and turquoise background.

Finally, the hit of last season – neon colors fade into the background, but still adorn the trendy manicure. Neon colors are best diluted with a transparent base or flesh-colored varnishes with a matte surface.

Beautiful spring gel nails 2023 for the spring-summer period are lovely in powdery, mint, oil, bright pink, sunny, coral, orange, raspberry, lilac, light green, and also sky blue.

(Video) 40 Best Spring Nail Designs To Try In 2023


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