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Reviewed 8/24/2016


Competitive Racer

Boise, ID

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I have been using these shoes for 6 months as my daily commuter. Very comfortable shoes, easy to walk in from the bike rack to work, love the look and feel. Best of all, they are highly reflective, which is awesome for those days when you have to gring it out at the desk until late.

A couple items that reduce the value rating for me

-I run crank brothers pedals, and at first it was very hard to get the shoe into and out of the pedal due to the way the rubber on the outsole sits. I remedied by buying some of the crank brothers metal shields, but even then it is occasionally troublesome.

-The reflective surface scuffs fairly easily, revealing a black surface underneath. Not a huge issue, but I have a couple fairly significant scuffs on each shoe. Still plenty of reflectivity though!

Overall, I really like these shoes and I am glad I bought them. Will likely buy another pair to have in reserve.

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Good looking shoes, very reflective, narrow

I never got compliments on bike shoes from non-cyclists before buying these shoes. They look sharp! I bought these for around-town purposes and they're great for that. I can walk easier in them than other bike shoes. Despite which they are sufficiently stiff for decent power transfer.

I appreciate the laces. I'm sick of retiring bike shoes because the velcro wore out. The laces are very high quality, stay tight, and my pair came with extra laces. There's a little loop to tuck the laces so they don't hang up on your chainring. It do miss having a ratchet or other quick-tightening method across the top, but I have weird shaped feet. More on this below.

They are VERY reflective under headlights. Under normal conditions they are kind of a medium gray color. The reflective coating has rubbed off a bit due to accidents, wheel rub etc.

These are probably good winter shoes but I haven't worn them in the winter yet. They are moderately watertight but do have tiny vents all over so who knows? Despite the vents they are not well ventilated and get hot.

I have duck feet wide through the balls and toes, but narrow heels. These shoes are sleek and narrow from toe to heel. I can lace around the toebox so they fit OK there but they're loose in the ankle and heel. I have to wear sock with them because debris gets in around my heel. If you have narrow feet these shoes are probably perfect

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Reviewed 12/5/2016

byAndi S.

Cycling Enthusiast

Portland, OR

Overall Rating

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Great looking shoe, awesome reflectivity, comfortable

I'm a road biker, but somehow started my clipless journey on SPDs. When I wanted to get a road shoe, I saw this option and was wowed by the reflectivity. I also like the all-lace style too, a bit retro but more importantly you can get a very custom and snug fit across your whole foot, as tight or loose as you want. I was initially concerned about the durability of the reflective coating, but after four months I'd say not even a little bit has worn or scraped off.

The shoe is great to walk around in. The little rubber pads do work to give you grip on smooth surfaces (like a polished concrete floor in a cafe) and don't seem to be wearing down all that fast. The shoe is more flexible than a true road shoe, so it's comfortable and easier to walk on, trading away some power transfer through its flexibility.

Well-vented, but doesn't do so well in the rain-water shoots right through. I have some rain covers, but those aren't so effective with the giant openings on the bottom. Once the shoe gets wet (when the inners are dampened) it does take a while to dry out-the material seems to like to hold onto moisture, I try to air dry them over a heater vent so they don't spend a lot of time damp.

I'm not completely sure that these uppers are leather as in the description, however. I think they're a synthetic material (the non-reflective Republics are leather). Regardless, very comfortable, durable, stylish, great on and off the bike.

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Reviewed 11/29/2018


Competitive Racer


Overall Rating

Great commuter shoe, really like the reflective materials yet does not scream bike nerd like most of my other bike shoes

Fit is Giro style narrow so not super comfy for me, i much prefer Shimano, Lake and Mavic for fit, but for commuting and tootling around town, these are fine. Would not take them on a century or longer ride however, not comfy enough for that.

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Reviewed 2/16/2018

bysock parameter

Daily Commuter

Seattle, WA

Overall Rating

Comfortable, look good, and highly visible

I commute about 70 miles a week, and I've been wearing these shoes for my daily commute for the last two months. I couldn't be happier.

The fit is fantastic for me. I wear as US men's 12, and most bikes shoes are pretty hard to get on and off my big feet. Not so with these ones. They go on easily without loosening the laces too much and stay in place very well once they're laced up. The inside is nice and soft and feels great.

These shoes are impressively reflective. They're highly visible. I appreciate that they're so visible without looking like BIKE SAFETY VISIBILITY gear, which I'm generally not into. These shoes are almost normal enough to wear to a bar after work without sacrificing the performance of a serious cycling shoe. Speaking of wearing off the bike, the shoes are fairly easy to walk in. Since they have a rigid sole, they're a bit noisy on hard floors, but less so than other cycling shoes I've owned.

Excellent breath-ability, which is a plus for me, since I tend to run hot. Just throw some overshoes on when it gets chilly or wet.

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Reviewed 5/18/2017


Cycling Enthusiast

Essex, CT

Overall Rating

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Great shoe but it didn't work for me

Love the Empire SLX's I use with my road bike, so when I got a bike for use on graveldirt roads I naturally thought of Giro laceups. These fit great, and I added a set of Giro Supernatural footbeds which were really helpful on the SLX's. Thought I was all set until I tried to clip in and couldn't - with either foot! Because I wanted a flat surface on one side (so I could ride tricky bits unclipped, and use the bike with rubber shoes on the dirt road to the river), the bike has Shimano A530 pedals. What seemed to be happening was that the walking pads on both sides of the cleats were a tiny bit too high to allow the unidirectional SH51 cleats that came with the pedals to engage with the SPD mechanism. Eventually I got some SH56 multidirectional cleats which are a tiny bit taller than the SH51's, and those seemed to engage. The other option was to remove the bolt-on walking pads, shave material from their backs, and reinstall.

While fussing around with this, I looked more closely at how this shoe would work with the flat side of the pedal. The contact area is limited to the pads, which means that they might be prone to slide off the pedals. A shoe with a flat sole might be more secure on the flats, so I'm regretfully returning these for a set of Pearl Izumi X-Alp Seek VII's.

I'm still giving them 5 stars because they could work beautifully for someone with different needs..

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Reviewed 5/8/2017


Cycling Enthusiast

Mad river valley, vermont

Overall Rating

Comfortable to walk in, stable to ride in and they look like stepping out shoes

I got these shoes for touring and rando riding. Comfort on and off the bike these shoes do a great job, I'd get these again.

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