Kids Birthday Party Ideas for the Best Birthday Ever! | Urban Air Adventure Park (2022)

The idea of hosting a party of kids packed into your living room after they’ve eaten all the cake and ice cream they could want is a little daunting to say the least. But sometimes an indoor party is unavoidable. So how do you make a party for kids engaging and entertaining without wrecking your living room or your sense of cool? We have a few ideas.

Planning an Indoor Birthday Party

Planning is the secret to making the day as stress-free as possible. Specifically, planning enough activities to keep the little ones interested in participating in the party instead of wreaking havoc.

Every good party needs:

  • a theme,
  • an activity,
  • a game,
  • and party favors.

These ingredients make a party that will keep kids’ attention, keep them engaged in the activity at hand, and is sure to make this birthday memorable for years to come.

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If that sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry, you don’t have to do it on your own. Urban Air has you covered. When you book a birthday party at Urban Air, we take care of the planning and heavy lifting. Booking a party at Urban Air is easy:

  1. Find your local Urban Air Adventure Park using our locator tool
  2. Visit the Kids Birthday Parties page to learn more about the parties and options.
  3. Call our Birthday Party Hotline at 800-960-4778 or book online.

All parties include two hours in the park, paper goods, and setup/cleanup, but to make party day even easier, you can order food like our delicious pizza, soft drinks, and ICEEs.

Choosing Your Attractions

Urban Air Birthday Parties can be booked with different levels of attractions. For the best birthday experience, especially for older kids, we recommend our Platinum Level Parties which include all the attractions at the park – it is your kid’s special day after all. If you’re hosting a party for little ones, be sure to check the height requirements on the attractions before you choose a level.

Visit Your Local Park’s Birthday Parties Page for details on attractions and packages.

With all our attractions, your party guests will always have something to do. And with all the essentials taken care of by the Urban Air team, you can focus on tailoring your trip to your chosen theme.

All Urban Air Birthday Parties come with our super fun Classic Urban Air Themed party or in select locations our super cool Glow Themed Party. But if you want to customize your child’s birthday even more, you can bring extra décor, party favors, and treats. Here are some of our favorite Birthday Party theme ideas that can easily be added to your Urban Air Birthday Adventure!

Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Choosing a theme for your party makes planning everything else that much easier. Now, instead of choosing among hundreds of options for cake designs, activities, decorations, and party favors, you can significantly narrow down your options by making sure they are all related to that central theme.

So, how do you choose a theme? Well, the simplest answer is to choose something your kid and their friends are really into at the moment. What toys do they love to play with? What movies and shows do they watch over and over again? What is their go-to when playing make-believe?

We will go through some of the most popular themes in this blog, but you can easily create a birthday party theme out of whatever they love most right now. And when you host a kid’s birthday party at Urban Air, you’ve already got a built-in theme – Let ‘em fly!

Here are some ideas for making your child’s party custom to their favorite things.

Birthday Party Ideas for 4-Year Old and 5-Year Old Children

Preschool children have a ton of energy and a whole bunch of them…well, that could be rather destructive on your home. Bring them to Urban Air to let them bounce, jump and run. Then return to your undisturbed home to rest for the day of excitement. These are our favorite party themes for 4 and 5 year olds.

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Fun Party Themes for Preschool Children

Royal Birthday Ball

“Dearest Princes and Princesses of the realm, you are cordially invited to the royal birthday ball in honor of their Highness (insert birthday kid’s name).” A royal party is always a hit with little ones who love to play make-believe.

If you bring your ball to us, we recommend a civilized game of mini-golf. A fun take on what the royals of old would have called a garden game, mini-golf is a great attraction for the prim and proper members of society. Your little princes and princesses can also climb our castles (AKA climbing walls), and cross the moat (AKA foam pit)

Party Favor Ideas for a Royal Ball include:

  • Extra beads and string to continue making jewelry at home,
  • Costume jewelry with their favorite princes and princesses,
  • Mini tiara-shaped hair clips,
  • Royal-themed stamps, so they can send their own royal missives.

Dinosaurs and Volcanos

A party theme that is fun and educational! Dinosaurs are fascinating and kids love to pretend they are in prehistoric times.

Urban Air is the perfect place for your dinosaur-themed party. We recommend trying the Climbing Walls and our Ninja Course for the only game more fun than The Floor is Lava – The Lava is Rising! Quickly climb away from the lava and up to safety with the rest of your party.

Party Favor Ideas for a Dino Enthusiast’s party include:

  • Mini dino toys,
  • Stickers,
  • Printable coloring sheets,
  • A mini pack of crayons.

Best Urban Air Attractions for 4 and 5-Year-Old Kids

Preschoolers may be too small for some of our larger attractions but there’s plenty of fun for little kids. And you can save on your party by choosing Deluxe attractions only, but don’t forget about adults or older kids joining your party that may enjoy our Ultimate and Platinum attractions. Let the little ones loose on our Climbing Hill and our Tubes Indoor Playground and our Trampolines.

Birthday Party Ideas for Grade School Kids

Planning a party for your kids that are between 6 and 10 years old can be more challenging. Grade school kids tend to have more of an opinion on their parties. But that doesn’t mean you can still have a fun theme. Be sure to include your child in the planning so they are excited about the theme and the party details. Urban Air parties are great for grade school-aged children. Here are some of our favorite themes and attractions for Grade School Kids

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Fun Party Themes for Grade School Children

Jungle Explorers

Grab your pith hat, spyglass, and compass for this adventure! It’s easy to find fun jungle related favors and decorations. Plus, a jungle theme can work for a wide range of ages. For your 6 and 7 year old kids, go a little cuter with monkeys, vines and adventure packs. For 8 to 10 year old kids, you can make it a little more thrilling with tigers, gorillas and snakes.

Party Favor Ideas for a Jungle Explorer’s party include:

  • DIY felt “patches” to they can attach to their explorer’s costume,
  • Tiger tails,
  • Little plastic animals,
  • Mini jungle or animal themed puzzles.

Court of the Birthday Fairies

Do you have a grade school birthday girl or boy that’s all about glam and glitter? Throw in just a hint of magic and mystery and you’ve got a spectacular birthday theme.

If you bring your court of fairies to Urban Air, we recommend the Sky Rider. Feel like a flying fairy and soar over your land, your friends and family like ants down below.

Party Favor Ideas for a Fairy’s party favor include:

  • Smarties candy taped to the middle of fairy wings cut out of construction paper,
  • A tiny bottle of bubbles,
  • DIY fairy wands,
  • Bits of costume jewelry.

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Best Urban Air Attractions for Grade School Kids

Six to ten-year-olds will enjoy exploring the adventures in our park. We recommend the Ultimate level attractions to make sure your birthday child, all their friends, and the adults in the group have lots of fun options to enjoy. Let those jungle explorers navigate our Warrior Course and those fairies fly on our Sky Rider indoor zipline!

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Pre-Teens

Your pre-teens still get excited about their birthday party, but their friends may be a little harder to impress than they used to be. Show them you are the “cool parents” with a party at Urban Air. Pre-teens love the independence of exploring the park while you’re watching from a safe distance.

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Fun Party Themes for Pre-Teens

Even though they’re trying to be cool, your pre-teens will still appreciate a well-thought-out party theme. Here are some of our favorites for those middle schoolers.

Sports Team

Perfect for the Active Kid in your life.Theme your party based on their favorite team and get everyone cheering!

At Urban Air, your sports fans will love the competitive challenge of Slam Dunk or racing to the finish on our Warrior Course.

Party Favor Ideas for a sports fan’s party include:

  • Miniature squishy versions of their favorite sport’s ball,
  • Wristbands,
  • Team hats or banners.


Superheroes are cool no matter what age you are. If your kid loves comics and super-hero movies, give them a super-powered party.

If you bring your heroes to us, we recommend some time in the arcade, a thrilling spin in our bumper cars or around the go kart track, and flying high on our trampolines. What better way to feel like a real life superhero?

Party Favor Ideas for a Superhero party include:

  • Super Hero Masks
  • Party poppers,
  • Balloons.

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Best Urban Air Attractions for Pre-Teens

Those pre-teens will want to explore all of the areas in your local Urban Air Park. We recommend the Ultimate or Platinum level attractions to increase the cool factor of your pre-teen’s birthday party. And member, those pre-teens always eat more than you think so add an extra pizza or two to fuel the party. Don’t worry, our pizza tastes great leftover too if you end up with too much. Check out the Ultimate and Platinum attractions at your local park and get excited about the best party….ever!

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers

When it comes to the teens in your family, you may want to skip the theme and focus on fun. Urban Air Birthday Parties are great for teens. They’ll give kids the space to have fun while parents can relax away from the action. Instead of spending money on favors and extra decorations, we recommend upgrading your party to include Ultimate level attractions.

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No matter what age your kids are, Urban Air Birthday Parties make the party planning easy and help your kids have an epic day that’s all about them. Learn more about Urban Air Birthday Parties and see just how simple and affordable your kid’s next birthday party could be.

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