MR GLOBAL 2019 REVIEW |Dynamic changes give contestants more time to shine (2023)

It’s been a bumpy road to this year’s Mister Global pageant, a road plagued by last minute changes and creative differences between the stakeholders of the pageant. But to their credit, this year’s new main sponsor and licensee holder, CDN Productions Head MissMerian Axelgaardand her teamgave a spectacular run of this edition by introducing sweeping changes to make the pageant brand grow stronger after last year’s humiliating sponsor and finals venue controversies. But after all of that behind-the-scenes drama, a combination of high caliber roster of inspiring gentlemen plus dynamic changes made this year’s affair still an unqualified success.

HostPK Piyawat Kampetchkicked off the show with his superb high-level brand of hosting. Whereas many of its rivals’ ceremonies traditionally start on a more somber and dignified note, it was refreshing to see the contestants rocking out their national costumes onstage. Even the pageant owner, Pradit Pradinunt, cracked a smile.

It was clear very early in the affair that the show would incorporate some dynamic changes. As PK kept the show going at a very quick pace, we couldn’t help but wonder what the show would have been had it been staged at its original venue Lumpinee Stadium. Surely, the attendance turnout would have been better. Nitpicks aside, there was a real energy to the ceremony. There was also a palpable excitement in the room, which was reflected in the number of cheers the contestants got onstage.

Kudos still go to the staging and set for the ceremony held in the Grand Ballroom of Novotel Sukhumvit 20 Hotel. Each of the contestants was given ample exposure which was matched by maverick Xion Lim’s dazzling cheoreography. For those watching in the venue, it gave them an intimate feel of the affair which gave its own true sense of spectacle in this year’s affair.

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But perhaps no moment will be more remembered than Merian Axelgaard’s stunning speech during the start of the show. The new female licensee holder of the pageant made sure to drive home the pageant’s new “Inspiring Gentlemen” slogan for everyone to remember, before thanking her contestants and crew. What made Axelgaard such a perfect host/sponsor was her sheer joy and enthusiasm for her newfound job despite the behind-the-scenes drama. It was definitely an unplanned, unguarded moment of authenticity from her part, which in the end, is a reminder of the fun and unpredictability a pageant should have.

As I wrap up my review about this male pageant, I am now listing down my Top 9 reasons why covering it this year was worth my time. I know this year’s edition may have received its fair share of contempt, coming under fire for not being as organized or objectifying men to a sexual stereotype or all-around diverse. In my personal opinion, men posing in their almost-naked underwear is something that is part and parcel of ever male pageant and while its something it is really inevitable, we should look at male beauty pageants more than this. I think more than the abs and trunks , we really should look for gentlemen who could be a role model and inspiration to generations of other young men and little boys while involving in life-changing, selfless work that benefit others.

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As an international pageant correspondent forSash Factor,these kinds of issues surrounding male pageants disappoint me all the time. However, male pageants aren’t all that bad. And even if they were, we still need to familiarize ourselves with whats going on with our pop culture and modern living and dissect some of it that needs to be changed. So here are my top 9 reasons why covering this year’s Mister Global was worth my time.

  1. This year, Mister Global is all about #InspiringGentlemen

With a new female sponsor taking over this year’s edition, it’s imperative that the main thrust of the pageant has to be overhauled. When a female takes over, she looks at it from a different perspective by looking more on these contestants inner qualities instead.

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This year, the male contestants were made to participate in a lot of projects that showcase their sensitivity towards women. There was a sexy photoshoot they did with former Thai beauty queen, Maeya and her baby in an effort to empower women by supporting breastfeeding in public. Over the years, the prejudice towards women breastfeeding in public has grown a lot, with more women opting not to breastfeed in public anymore. So for these gentlemen to create an awareness campaign about a women-related issue is poignant and awe-inspiring.

2. Organizers Feted the Contestants with First Class Treatment

Merian Axelgaard and Pradit Pradinunt made sure no stones were unturned for this pageant venture in terms of providing the contestants with great hotel accommodations and attentive staff to assist them with their emergency needs.

For this year’s edition, the contestants were all billeted in Novotel Sukhumvit 20 Hotel in Bangkok and Lanna Palace Hotel in Chiang-Mai. As such, food was overflowing wherever the contestants went. The contestants would always wake up to a sumptuous continental buffet breakfast all the time. If there are no sponsor lunch or dinner visits, heathy packed meals, courtesy of GP Catering, were always served for lunch and dinner.

Even the buses the organizers hired for the Chiang-Mai trip was top-of-the-line. The seats in the buses were so comfortable to sit the whole time as it had a massage feature and reclining buttons for one to get be really relaxed. There is also a small tv screen in front of each seat for the passengers for movie-viewing pleasure similar to the ones we see in the inflight entertainment of all commercial airlines. Since the trip going back and forth Chiang-Mai was 8 hours long, snacks and refreshment drinks were served all the time.

So this is contrary to the photos being circulated on social media that the contestants were ill-provided during the time of their stay in Novotel.

So when the photos of some contestants sleeping on the floor of a hotel ballroom went viral on social media, we thought it’s really a NON-ISSUE.

To give you a background behind those photos online, the contestants had just arrived back in Novotel Hotel from an overnight bus trip in Chiang-Mai. That was around 6:30am. Unfortunately, the rooms to be provided for the contestants weren’t all ready as the standard check-in time was still 2pm.

Since the contestants were still so tired from the trip, the pageant staff deemed it better to allow the use of one of the hotel’s ballrooms for their temporary. bag and luggage deposit. The contestants also saw this downtime to rest by sleeping on the floor while waiting for their room keys and assignments to be given. Everything was under the control of the staff. Biscuits and refreshment drinks were also provided again when they went up to the ballroom.

Frankly, there is no issue here. As a seasoned traveler, this is a normal occurrence. When you arrive very early for your check-in time, one has to wait for the 12 noon check-in time

3.These Guys Show Unity

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I have always thought that men are not supposed to act close with fellow men in public places especially if they are all participating in a high-stake competition. Thankfully, these contestants have shown camaraderie and brotherhood for one another despite coming for the same title. Whether it’s in the breakfast buffet table or in long bus trips, the bonds formed are real and genuine. Take a look at this video of Mister South Africa helping Mister Portugal do his make up when the latter woke up one early morning with a swollen eye due to an insect bite.

4.The Gorgeous Beauty Looks In High Fashion Shoots

Merian Axelgaard’s team organized a lot of theme photo shoots for the contestants this year. Apart from the customary swimwear and formal wear photo shoots we see in every pageant, the organizers took it up one notch higher by employing high fashion phorographers in this year’s edition. For instance, for the swimwear photo shoot, all the contestants wore skimpy see-through undies with high black boots this time around. While we know some critics may frown upon the sexy concept due to its sexual connotation, organizers deemed it better for fashion taste. As contestants competing for an Alpha 4 male crown, the winner will be subject to lot of photo shoot and fashion runway or spread appearances to no end. So these sexy photo shoots are deemed to showcase a contestant’s versatility and confidence no matter what he wears.

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Thai retailing company, Sakunjan Enteprises, also came on board when it lent its stunning traditional costumes for the contestants to wear one of the contestants’ many photo shoot activities. These cotton or silk wrap-around “Chut Thai” outfits transported these inspiring gentlemen to a glimpse of Thai history. Usually tied around the waste and wrapped similar to a loose loincloth with men going topless with these outfits at that era, it provided another good reason for these contestants to appreciate its host country’s rich culture and tradition while showcasing its masculinity.

And I haven’t started about their national costume portraits yet…

5.The National Costumes of the Contestants Feel So Miss-Universe-y

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MR GLOBAL 2019 REVIEW |Dynamic changes give contestants more time to shine (12)

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Just like in any beauty pageant, the national costume segment is one of the most awaited part as it allows the contestants to showcase his county’s heritage and culture. For this year’s edition, the contestants did not disappoint with their showstopping and dazzling costumes which they all paraded onstage and in a photo shoot under the helm of Sir David Ryo. Check out Guam’s grand sea-inspired national costume or USA’s out-of-the-box choice suit for starters! It really gives us a good old throwback to the recent Miss Universe national costume competitions we have seen recently.

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6. The contestants give back in Chiang Mai

For this year, the contestants went all the way up north to explore more of what the Land of Smiles has to offer to the world. A trip to Elephant Nature Park, Do Soi Temple and Lamour Cafe truly afforded all the contestants to do some sightseeing, eating authentic spicy Thai food and communing with nature. While this province may have hosted some editions of this pageant before, it never fails to leave a long-lasting impression on every tourist visiting the quiet and laid-back province.

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But all these sightseeing trips pale in comparison to the almost THB20,000 they have raised for various #SaveTheElephant charity organizations which aim to help and protect the welfare of distressed elephants in that community in a fashion show they participated in. Who knew you could party and have fun while raising lots of of money for a cause? Brilliant marketing.

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7. Surprising Top 16 outcome leads to learning how to lose graciously

There was no doubt both Mister South Africa Marcus Max Karsten and Mister USA Branden Cruz were heavy favorites to win the title. Unfortunately, both were completely shut out of a Top 16 call during the finals. It’s the most surprising twist of the entire pageant, to be honest.

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Sure, the organizers may have a reason or two for excluding them in the final roster but we cannot help but be amazed at how these two had remained magnanimous and positive despite the negative outcome. Sometimes, you’ve just got to keep smiling even when you fee like going on aBeastrampage. So taking a page out of these guys’ books and learn how to emotionally in control is something we could all learn from these two inspiring gentlemen

8.ThMR GLOBAL 2019 REVIEW |Dynamic changes give contestants more time to shine (23)eir ripped and banging bodies are your fitness inspo

Years of massive gym training paid off for these guys so it’s only best their sculpted bodies also deserve the attention. If these could guys could already master enough discipline in maintaining their bodies, then how much more if they will

given more responsibilities in life? .

9..Mister Portugal Could Be a Portuguese Male Version of Tina Fey or Amy Poehler

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Coming into the competition, we never had Angelo Amaro, Mister Portugal, in out list of contenders. But spending a lot of him for the past two weeks have made us realize he is pretty awesome. He never fails to show his comedic side everywhere we all went to. From his comedic adventures behind-the-scenes with his fellow contestants, whether it’s doing Instagram live with Mister Spain or dancing with some oldies just to get a piece of cake as he is hungry one midnight in the hotel lobby or clowning around with the contestants while donning their national costumes at the backstage during the finals, he never fails to provide comic relief with everyone. Here’s hoping for more of his likeness in all the international pageants we will be invited to cover in the near future.

Photos taken from Andy Cayna and Official Mister Global fB Page


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