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Winners of Mr. South India International and Ms. South India Elite 2019 - Cinemaplusnews (1)Pretty and Pixie bring Rubaru Mr and Miss South India 2019 to Chennai for the first time, a pageant to represent South Indian Beauty and to recognize South Indian Models across the country and internationally. A three day finale will be held Chennai at the Palladium Mall and will host 20 models who have been selected as finalists from four auditions held across the South based upon their confidence, presentation, and charisma. The winners of this title will go on to be a finalist in the National Pageants; Mr India International and Miss India Elite held in Mumbai this year. The contestants will be groomed and judged during the three full day finale held on the 6th 7th and 8th of February 2019. Actor Arun Vijay will be our guest of honor for the crowning show.

The winner of MISS South India – Aishwarya Setty and MR. South India – Velu Lakshmanan

Female – 1st Runner up Apurvi Saini & 2nd Runner up Saloni Chauhan,
Male – 1st Runner up Syed Zain & 2nd Runner up Deepan Mokan

The initiative of this pageant is to break the boundaries that South Indian Models have in the Indian Modeling industry. In the past ten years there has been great changes in the mindset of people who want to become models in the South but the opportunities are minimal and often models are paid a very insignificant amount for the time and work they put into following their dreams. All the international pageants are hosted in various parts in North of India where the models competing are predominantly from the north who have access to the best standards of grooming and presentation.

Sarshika; Creative Director of Pretty and Pixie adds, “Hardly any of the titles that are won in the South have any credibility or scope for growth and that is why we wanted to bring a name like ‘Rubaru’ who has been hosting pageants for the last 14 years in India and holds the most number of International titles till date. Getting the license for the Mr and Miss South India ensures that the models that participate in this event get good recognition and a brilliant portfolio and if they win they are a National Title finalist which is the best way to push their dreams in the right direction. As a young girl I wanted to be a model myself and found it very difficult to understand how I was to take my career forward, this will truly be a game changer for upcoming models in the South.”

There were four auditions held and the talent that showed up was raw but good enough to get groomed for a major show. We have 10 boys and 10 girls competing for the title and they will be given three days of challenges and grooming sessions which include; a fitness challenge with Celebrity trainer Sandeep Raj who has trained stars like Ranveer Singh. This will help them learn tips and tricks to get their body to reach the required fitness level that a model is expected to have. There is a beauty and makeover session with Toni and Guy to accentuate their features and work on their core presentation skills as a model. There is a style icon challenge where they will be judged on their ability to style themselves in a limited budget and time span; this will then be judged by the Style icon judges; Mr.Balaji Muragadoss (Mr International India 2018) and Ms Sneha Nair (Fashionista).

“As the winner of the National Mr India International 2018 pageant and a South Indian I am very proud that we have an opportunity to build the modeling industry in the South in such a manner, it was very difficult for me to compete in the nationals without any prior grooming and direction, but I managed it, I m so happy to giving back to my community in this way and hope the trend continues.” Says Mr.Balaji Muragadoss

The contestants will also have a portfolio photo shoot session to help them understand how to create magic on a photograph. The models will walk a 75-foot ramp through a choreography session with NIFT Guest lecturer and Fashion Choreographer. There is also a talent round to showcase their individual talent.

“A lot of these models have struggled with their family and society to get into this career path, in fact there is a 22 year old girl among our finalists who has absolutely no support from her parents; which is why we decided that this year we will be the first organization to groom and tether the models at no cost to their pocket, In fact the importance of doing the show in a mall like Palladium was to give exposure to the public to see the effort and work it takes to become a recognized model; states Mallika Angela Chaudhuri Director Pretty and Pixie.

Each of these challenges will have a winner, but the main event will be the finale where the models will walk the ramp in front of a live audience and a judging panel who will judge them on the basis of their walk, confidence, style, personality, and charisma. The judging panel consists of Osman Abdul Razak, Fashion and Celebrity Stylist of the South, Ms. Pradyaini Surva, South India’s Top Model and an avid social media Influencer, Mr Mohit Sharma Mr India International 2017 and Mr Bala Murugan Mr India International 2018 as representatives of Rubaru International, Ms. Darshana Balagopal; fashionista and spokesperson of Palladium Chennai and Mr Karun Raman, Choreographer for the top South Indian Shows.

“The importance of including faces and recognizing talent across India is clear in my mind and we wish to only continue this for the future, I’m excited to judge the talent in the South and we will be back again next year for an even bigger show!” States CEO of Rubaru International Mr Pankaj.

To get in touch with us –
Mallika Chaudhuri 9384625256 | Sarshika 7338854561 | Sandeep Singh 8428834796

About Rubaru Group

The Rubaru Group is an NGO and talent promoting group founded in the year 2004 in India. Over the years the organization has worked for various causes primarily focusing on ‘Women Empowerment’. Other than this, the organization also serves as the parent organization for India’s biggest male pageant, the Rubaru Mr India contest. And organizes Rubaru Miss India Elite pageant. Rubaru also holds the licenses for multiple local and international pageants.

About Sarshika and Mallika Angela
Sarshika decided to return to India after living in Australia for 12 years, with a passion to start up an event company that was willing and able to do any kind of event creatively. Apart from holding two masters’ degree, Sarshika is also a model, social media influencer and is also very passionate about writing.

Mallika’s educational background supports a specialization in PR, communication. With over 13 years’ experience in image consulting and brand building; Mallika started her journey with the Bursen Marstellar group handling the image and public. Apart from this Mallika is an actor and a social media influencer.

The birth of Pretty and Pixie Events came about when Mallika and Sarshika realised that they wanted to start passion projects that would really make a difference to world of events. They believe “Life is made memorable when you create something magical. We at Pretty and Pixie do exactly that for you”. Pretty and Pixie is a 360-degree event and entertainment company which focuses on events all across the nation.

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